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Business Philosophy

Business is very simple...give more to your customer than what you take from them in return!  My father taught me that business has nothing to do with making money but everything to do with helping people out.  I think if you ask all of the amazing customers that I have served...they would agree that that I run my business accordingly.  Its very easy to come to "work" everyday when you genuinely like people and also like what you do!



The one thing that I am extremely proud of is my reputation.  I always do my best to provide quality service without making it about the money.  I appreciate every single person that has ever come to me for service because without them...my life would be drastically different.  I built my business the old fashioned way...by word of mouth.  Like the old saying goes..."word of mouth spreads like wildfire...bad word of mouth even quicker!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed

When it comes to any service that I perform or an item that I sell...you can be assured that if there is ever any issue...I take care of it.  Talk to someone that has ever bought anything from me and they will tell you I stand by my products.  Where else can you go to buy refurbished computers and get the same warranty as if you were buying new?


iPhone Repair


All iPhone repairs performed using PREMIUM quality parts and come with lifetime warranty.  Repairs can normally be done while you wait.

PC/Mac Repair


We provide all computer repair services and upgrades at a very competitive price.  We strive to always offer incredible value for money spent to while ensuring sustainability.

Computer Sales


Everything we sell comes with 1 year warranty and we are always available for phone and remote support to make the transition to a new machine as easy as possible!

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Servicing Oakville, Watertown, Waterbury, and surrounding areas!!

C&M Computers

304 Main Street, Oakville, Connecticut 06779, United States

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Saturday: 10am-2pm - Sunday: Closed

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